Carla Fracci, “Eternal dancing girl”

“Eternal dancing girl” is how Eugenio Montale defined Carla Fracci, the most famous dancer in the world. One year after her death we want to remember her with these words. She devoted her life to dance.

At the age of 12 he appeared in Sleeping Beauty with Margot Fonteyn. In 1955 she made her debut at La Scala with Cinderella and in 1958 at the age of 22 she was promoted to prima ballerina. Technique, lightness, tenacity, interpretative ability brought her to the greatest theaters in the world as well as to the Scala also to the Royal Ballet, the Stuttpart Ballet, the Royal Swedish Ballet and the American Ballet, where she danced with the most excellent partners and worked with famous choreographers . It should also be remembered for her independence which led her to choose to become a mother at the height of her career and this was considered taboo at the time. Montale himself dedicated a poem “The tired dancer” to her for her return to the scene after pregnancy.

There is all the beauty of his career in the sentence pronounced during one of his interviews: “When I dance I think of dragonflies so light and so strong and fast”. Carla Fracci really lived flying, but she proudly said of herself that she had grown up among peasants and that she had humble origins, but her roots were planted in the countryside, in the midst of her affections. Mondadori has published a biography of her entitled “Step by step” and Rai has built a film of it that aired last fall.

We young people should take an example from this woman who with her determination and ambition managed to realize her dream of becoming a famous dancer. Today many young people are worried about their future, they have strong expectations, a great desire to be able to make their dreams come true, but they are aware that they may encounter challenges and obstacles especially due to the difficult economic and financial situation that society is going through. It is very important to follow in the footsteps of those who have managed to make their dreams come true and take an example from every sacrifice so that one day we can say “I did it too”.

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