Carbonara dish is the most popular Italian dish in the world. It s also the most imitated but in a bad way. It is much loved by Italian people, it is considered a patrimony of Italian culture. The 6th April is a day in honour of it, The commemoration was established in 2016 by “The Italian Federation Food and International Pasta”.The main ingredient is “guanciale” but there is a battle for the use of bacon or “guanciale”. It is certain that Italians are against all the variations of the recipe in the rest of the world. Innovators are considered heretics.

There are three hypotheses on the birth of carbonara wrapped in mystery. The oldest dates back to a Neapolitan recipe of the nineteen century contained in the treatise”theoretical-practical cuisine” by Ippolito Cavalcanti published in 1837. The second takes us to the province of Aquila where the charcoal miners adopted the classic dish”cheese and eggs” to the need to work in the charcoal pit using the charcoal that would have given the name to the dish itself. The third version recalls the period when American soldiers, during the Second World War, invented this recipe by using only dust of eggs and bacon. They even distributed this dish to Italians. Their recipe inspired Italian chefs. 

The “doc” recipe

There is no single pasta alla carbonara but there are five essential ingredients in the “doc” recipe. They are “guanciale”,eggs, pecorino cheese, pepper and pasta, normally spaghetti or macaroni. The best ingredients to make a proper carbonara pasta is exactly ”guanciale” similar to bacon .According to Riccardo Felicetti, president of the Italian food Union pasta makers, “carbonara” is compared to Venice.“Carbonara day” was born five years ago to defend traditional carbonara pasta. Today there are more than 1,4 million contents on Instagram of the hashtag # carbonara. The Italian Food Union of Pasta supported the International Pasta Organisation moreover the Carbonara Day has become so famous to gather over one billion of people around it.

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Aurora Cannizzaro, Giorgia Mauri , Aurora Bertolo


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