Hello everybody, we are two classmates from 1 B and in common we don’t have only the class we attend but also our devotion to our Patron Saint’Agathae and we would like to share our passion with other students.

Candlemas, better known with its Sicilian equivalents “cannalora” or “ciliu” (“waxy”) represents the offering of wax by all social classes to the patron saint, through torches to burn for a devotional act or for accompanying the celebration of divine offices.

Originally the wax consisted of a bundle of very long candles, grouped in such a way as to form a single twist. The bundle of candles thus assembled was introduced into wooden artifacts developed on several orders and carried on the shoulders. The constructions of different shapes, forms, and styles have theaters on the various levels depicting scenes of the martyrdom of the saint, figures of saints, angels, sometimes biblical episodes.

With the advent of accumulators, the central candle or torch was replaced by a false candle culminating with a colored sphere often bearing designs and colors typical of the guild to which it belongs. In the evening and at night the top globe lights up symbolizing the flame that burns, the entire surface covered with flowers is enriched with tiny points of light. At the various orders, corollas of additional lights light up almost always accompanied by candle features, opaline lampshades, and glass gems, the latter swinging and tinkling according to the rhythm and pace imposed by the cannalora.

True works of art, they have numerous sculpted details, and still statuettes, inscriptions, for embellishment they bear garlands of flowers, flags, coats of arms, and pennants. The parade following a codified right of pre-eminence on the days and in the districts provided for by the program, accompanied by the sound of a band.

The competition between “cannalori” comes to life during the day of the wax offering and during the “sira ‘ô tri”, during the external tour of the 4th, the internal tour of the 5th, upon return and temporary shelter in the side aisles of the Cathedral at the end of the final procession.

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Dolcini Matteo e Basile Samuel


1 B


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