Canaries: my passion

The reproduction of birds is a production cycle that consists of many phases, some preceding the actual reproduction, others subsequent. Among the first we find the migration to reach the nesting place and the choice of the nest. After the successful reproduction, the birds have to face an important period in which the parents (usually the mother) take care of protecting the offspring from attacks by natural predators. Furthermore, the reproduction of birds depends on various factors (such as the length of the day, the intensity of the light and the feeding) that make their success even more complicated.
The reproduction of canaries is a phase that requires care and commitment on the part of the breeder. After all, keeping a male alone in a cage would make him suffer from loneliness, two male canaries would end up arguing and hurt each other, while a female who cannot complete the cycle of reproduction would end up not being healthy.

Those who have a passion for canaries and love for animals, like me, if they wanted to start a breeding without experience should choose a couple of common canaries, of a modest breed, to have the opportunity to learn that wealth of knowledge that cannot be learned from books or from a website.

With an affectionate and intelligent breeder, a canary can live 10-12 years or more, hygiene and nutrition are essential but the duration of life is also conditioned by the reproduction rate: it should never exceed three hatches per year, so that the canary – both male and female – is not subjected to too intense fatigue.

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Francesco Messina


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