According to a report by University College of London breaks at school have been getting shorter over the past two decades. Primary schools in England had 45 minutes less   break time a week than in 1995, and secondary school pupils lost an hour  over the same period.

Pupils and teachers love break time. But some schools in America are stopping break time. They want more time for lessons. Now pupils don’t have time to play. What do the kids think?

“We don’t have break time at our school , it’s crazy, it’s important to have a break”- Emma , Boston

“I love break time, we have ten minutes. I play football with my friends.” Lee, London

Studies have found that breaks can reduce or prevent stress, they can help social skills, can  help to maintain performance throughout the day.

We’ve asked some pupils. The 80% of students in our class think that break time is the best  part of the day, because  they can chat with their friends , eat and have a rest. The 20% of them thinks that lessons are  more important than breaks.
Teachers will  try to better organize the break activities based on the organizational needs and regulations of the School.

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Marika Burgio-Istituto comprensivo “O. G. De Cruyllas” – scuola secondaria di I grado- Ramacca – teacher: Marilena Tamburino