Bucha, Do the Dead Move?

Just follow Twitter trends to see how, those who believe in the Russian version, are trying to deny all the atrocities committed during these long weeks.  All of this is based on a video that, according to conspiracy theorists, show a “fake corpse” in motion, moving its arms as a vehicle passes.

If the first video wasn’t enough to highlight that the “arm movement” is actually a drop of water dripping over the camera, the video released by Aurora Intel shows that the drop flows down the glass.

So is one video enough to dismantle all the negative narratives about the Bucha massacre?  It is no coincidence, in fact, that the Kremlin is trying to deny that massacre through a fact-checking site that magically sprung up on the eve of the Ukrainian invasion and registered in Moscow.

The same site tried to deny other attacks by reporting fake images that are actually very real.

Again in an attempt to deny his responsibility for the Bucha massacres, the powerful Russian foreign minister Lavrov argued that the Russian army would leave Bucha after March 30 … And since the images only appeared after April 2, according to him, those corpses (or actors) were placed there by the Ukrainians themselves.

In reality, as the satellite images, captured in recent weeks by Maxar Technologies and published in the New York Times show, those corpses were not only there on March 30, the day of withdrawal of the Russian troops, but already on March 11.

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Laura Chiera


IIIA Liceo Linguistico di Chiaravalle Centrale (CZ)


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