Bruno Barbieri and the rules of the hôtellerie

Do you know Bruno Barbieri?

He is an Italian starred chef, protagonist and feared referee in the famous TV program “4 Hotel” in which 4 hotels of the same category and in a specific city compete against each other.

With his suitcase he travels our peninsula from North to South to introduce beautiful Italian places and to judge the locations, services, rooms, price and breakfast of the hotels competing.

Bruno Barbieri and the other 4 hoteliers stay for one day and one night in the competing facilities, then proceed to the vote and the final comparison that determines the winner.

I really like to travel and I love this type of programs on TV, to discover the different offers of the Italian hotel industry that includes many types of accommodation for travelers: campsites, tourist residences, hotels, tourist villages, inn, luxury hotels and cruise ships.

I have been to hotels, tourist resorts, but the best is the holiday on a cruise ship.

The ship offers everything: comfortable and clean rooms, buffets at any time, à la carte restaurants, games rooms, entertainment, dance floors, spa, theater, chapel, solarium with swimming pools and the possibility of hiking in the cities during the day, when the ship is moored in the port.

And if you have a cabin with a balcony, you are really lucky!

You can look out on arrival and departure from the ports and enjoy the surrounding landscape.

Prices? Of all kinds, depending on the economic possibilities of the family.

But what are the rules of the hotel business?

Certainly location, room, services, breakfast and price are important, as Barbieri says, but also hospitality, style, cleanliness and everything that the structure can offer are not to be underestimated.

It’s the details that make the difference!

Choosing a hotel just for the price is wrong, you have to consider the structure as a whole and always evaluate the quality-price ratio.

As for the location, it is necessary to distinguish if the trip is for work then it is better to prefer a structure in the city center, if it is a family holiday it is better to choose a hotel away from the traffic.

Even the room must be adapted to the choices of the traveller: what effect can a very small and not equipped bathroom have if it belongs to a luxury hotel ?!

The hotel rules must provide consistent communication to the offer.

The staff must be involved and informed about everything that revolves around the structure in order to produce an immersive, customizable and positive experience for the entire duration of the stay, from arrival to the property with the allocation of the room and up to check-out.

We need to focus on smile marketing, consistency, knowledge, training and professionalism of the staff.

I think that if the territory is the main reason that entice the tourist to travel, it is also essential to excite the traveler through a direct relationship with the structure, talking with the director and his staff.

How many times is a facility chosen for being able to fully answer the guest’s questions?

Fortunately, hospitality is a strong element in Italy and in fact thousands of tourists visit our country every year.

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