Borders and walls: a class debate

What is a wall? For some, walls are a symbol of division and a way to reinforce inequality. For others, walls are a form of protection and a way to enforce rules.

A few weeks ago, thanks to our English teacher, we had a class debate and the subject was “borders and walls”. It was a great experience because we had the opportunity to exchange  our opinions with others and to say what we think. A debate is, infact, a method of comparing ideas that encourages critical thinking, oral fluency and research.

We were divided in groups and every group was composed of 4 or 5 people.

There were groups in favour of the wall and groups against the wall.

Every group had to convince the others that his or her opinion was better than the other group’s.

We have learned a lot of new things from this experience, especially while we were listening to what the others had to say. 

Unfortunately, like we said before, this theme is very topical. We have collected a lot of real testimonies of walls in the World and we discovered that there are more walls than we thought.

Obviously we are against walls because a wall is a separation and it divides two different cultures, two different life-styles and cannot allow these things to come in contact. The mix of all these concepts is the best thing that can happen, infact, like a famous citation says: ” The World is beautiful because it is varied!”

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Mario Tropea and Giulia Stracquadaini




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