Lots of people love reading books. Indeed there’s a wide range of reading genres  such as  love stories, mystery, fantasy, spiritual, motivational, adventure books and many others.

Reading is very important. You can read to relax yourself at the beach, sitting on the bus, drinking a cup of tea, during a break, before going to bed or wherever you want. 

Reading is spectacular because it allows the reader to visit new places, meet different people, learn lots of things  and flying with the imagination. It enhances your creativity, gives birth to new, ideas, helps to form opinions and provides good opportunities to dream. It is also an aid  to enrich your vocabulary and improve your communication skills. 

For all these reasons I believe that reading makes you a better person  as it provides important tools and contributes to your growth in all aspects. So, let’s make “Read, read, read”  our motto from now on. .                                                                 



Panarello Michela


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