At the end of Chiara Ferragni’s hen weekend, an article appeared in which Chiara, and especially he friends, were described as round.

Having realised the mistake, and after the influencer had denounced the incident, the adjective ‘round’ was changed to ‘athletic’, but this did not rightly quell the controversy not only of Chiara and all her friends, but also of her thousands of followers. Chiara commented with a post on her profile in which she wrote: “I think it’s disgusting to send a message like that, especially when so many women and girls are having problems with their bodies and their self-esteem. Being a role model for so many of them, I have always tried to share messages that can instill confidence and self-esteem”.

And again: “Diversity is beauty. Imperfection is beauty. Happiness is beauty. Self-confidence is beauty. Don’t let other people ruin you, or tell you who you are. Never”.

Many fans supported the post, sharing it with the hashtag #bodyshamingisforlosers launched by Chiara herself. Those who point at people for having an imperfect body are losers. Those who have self-confidence, who accept imperfections, who look into their soul and cheer for themselves and for each other are winners.

Perfection does not exist, and beauty is right there, in diversity and imperfection, in what some might consider ugly and others would like to change. That is the core of beauty and that is where we can really stand out.

We are different and we are all beautiful.



Emily Di Grazia


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