At least once in our lifetime we have been told: you’re too tall or too short, you’re too fat or too thin, you’re too shy or too outgoing. We are always too much or too little… But who can judge us? NOBODY. And who can define what is beautiful and what is bad? The answer is the same: absolutely nobody. We are the only judges of our life and our body. Neverthless… have you ever wondered about what the word bodyshaming means? Literally it means feeling ashamed of our bodies. It’s a phenomenon, a form of verbal bullying, that often hurts more than physical bullying, Why? Because we can heal our physical wounds, but the wounds to our heart remain forever. Today society imposes us beauty standards that don’t exist; how many times do we see advertising campaigns showing women with perfect faces without any imperfections or very thin and tall bodies without any stretch marks or cellulite?  All this doesn’t exist, it’s only an imaginary and stupid ideal.

With the birth of social media this phenomenon is constantly increasing and this is unhealthy above all for our minds that are subject to a strong stress. On  social media we can often read so many unpleasant comments about people’s bodies, and what is worse is that almost always it is women who offend other women. No one should feel free to denigrate another human being, we don’t know the life, the past and the sufferings of a person. In some cases a superficial “Oh, how you got fat!!!” may affect people’s sensibility and too many times this subject may cause real diseases like anorexia, bulimia, and depression that can even lead to suicide. Sending the message that beautiful means perfect is wrong. There isn’t an universal method to define beauty: Beauty is in the eyes of those who know how to look. We aren’t beautiful because we’re perfect, we are beautiful because we are simply us. Each of us before being externally beautiful is extraordinary for his soul. We must remember that we are individuals, not perfect objects, we are more. We must join our forces to break down the stereotypes that are in our heads. We must dream and build together a better world!

Beauty is in the eyes of those who know how to look

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Chiara Picceri


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