The world has always tried to break down various barriers, one of these is that of prejudices. Despite this, the current society in 2020 finds itself having to face a big problem, commonly called body shaming, but let’s start from the beginning.

What does body shaming mean?

Body shaming is the act of mocking a person for their physical appearance.

When we talk about body shaming, we refer to everything that surrounds the concept of derision and prejudice. In body shaming, physical appearance is affected because it is considered unsuitable as regards the aesthetic standards that the current society provides us. It does not matter that it is actually abnormal or simply different from the alleged “perfect physical shape”, nor whether the victim has the possibility to modify it or not. The aesthetic canon, often far from the characteristics of a common or healthy human body, is set as normal and necessary to consider a person appreciable and worthy of respect.

Personally, I have never found myself in the shoes of a girl who has been accused or otherwise teased but that does not mean that I have never heard of girls or boys who, in front of a large number of people, have been humiliated because of their physical appearance. I imagine that, at least once in our life, especially young people have reflected a little on this problem to which we have not given enough importance. Perhaps for the fear of accepting reality, in my opinion, things are only getting worse probably due to the social networks that have now become part of our daily life.

The fact that many of these phenomena, including bullying, are only accentuating makes me understand that teenagers should stop defending the world of social media by saying that everything is perfect, because actually as time goes by social media is used more and more as a means of aggression in a context, which can be useful and at the same time toxic.

The topic I dealt with today falls within the circle of many problems, such as eating disorders, which society is facing without being able, however, to change things or at least improve them even a little. I hope that over time especially teenagers will begin to open their eyes by coming forward and starting to denounce these problems that characterize everyday life.

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