Bob Dylan, the poet singer

From 1960 on all the radios of the world, he gradually began to make himself known as one of the greatest American singer-songwriters. Thanks to his lyrics and his melodies he will conquer millions of young people over time, offering them new emotions.

Bob Dylan, or rather Robert Allen Zimmerman, was born in Minnesota on May 24, 1941. Dylan is an important character in the music of the time because he idealizes folk-rock music for the first time folk-rock music and also one of his songs was the first to be sent on radio beyond the standard commercial duration of 3 minutes. He initially performed guitar, harmonica and piano. He is supported by a constantly changing group and with this he undertakes several live concerts around the world. During his life he was awarded several times for his songs but especially for the lyrics. The most important was an Academy Award won in 2001 for a soundtrack. Another notable award was the 2016 Nobel Prize in Literature, won with the song Blowin’ in the wind. This song is perhaps one of the most beautiful and most important of his discography. He began writing the text in 1963, when the United States was at war with Vietnam.

The text speaks of civil rights and the horrors of war. It consists of a series of questions, the answers to which fly in the wind.The song talks about war, but not about weapons and bombs, it talks about the victims and their pain, their suffering that they will never forget. The chorus is perhaps the most beautiful part of the composition. He speaks to the listener, calling him his dear friend, he tries to tell him something very simple: everything moves and changes and the only way that man has to survive is to accommodate these changes, which are unpredictable as the wind. Listening to this song, after many years, we find the situation described in our reality and although it has been a lot of time we will continue to ask how many bombs will have to fill the before the wars end. 

Bob Dylan, still in business, despite the fact that years have passed since the writing of his songs, today manages to amaze and excite listeners of a music that surely will never die. 

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