BLUFI: The Netherlands of Sicily

Every spring, in March, the small village of Blufi, on the slopes of the Madonie, near Palermo, becomes a piece of Holland.

An expanse of wild red tulips blooms in the wheat fields in front of the Sanctuary of the “Madonna dell’Olio”.

A scenery that immediately recalls the expanses of flowers in front of the windmills of Holland.

So the “Little Holland” becomes a destination for many tourists not only for its flowers but also for its history and traditions.

The village is divided into the “Cossa”, “Signuruzza”, “Collesano” and “Gatto” districts.

In summer, on the last Sunday of July, the small village is repopulated by all the emigrants who still return to the place where they were born on the feast day of their patron saint, St. Joseph.

On August 15th the Madonna dell’Olio is celebrated with the celebration of Holy Masses throughout the day.

But the main attraction remains the expanse of tulips that reminds us of the arrival of spring.

There is a legend about these wonderful flowers: it tells of two young lovers who were not able to have a child. One day they went to the sanctuary of The madonna dell’Olio and laid white tulips on the altar. These tulips miraculously turned red and, according to the legend, the young woman finally discovered she was pregnant. Soon the young spouses came back to the sanctuary to greet the Madonna and saw an immense field of red tulips in front of it.

Unfortunately, the tulips of Blufi are slowly disappearing.

The fault is of the tourists who are not satisfied with admiring and photographing one of the most beautiful attractions that nature offers us, but must plunder the field by collecting tulips.

Nature must be respected and beautiful things should be admired not defaced!

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