Blade Runner and the new Flying cars

“I've seen things about it that you humans couldn't imagine”. It is one of the most famous quotes from the monologue by replicant Roy Batty in the science fiction film Blade Runner, from 1982.In 1982 the sci-fi film “Blade Runner” expected 2019 as the year of flying cars. What progress has been made? The future has arrived. The first flying car is called "The Transition" and arrived in the USA in 2019. It is a 2-seater car with a hybrid-electric motor, it can travel 640 km and reach speeds of 160 km per hour. This car was designed by a group of five graduates from Boston. This car can fly. It has automatic wings along its sides. Today the flying car is a shocking reality. First of all, it has wings like a big bird and then it needs new roads or runways where to take off and to land.
 Another important creator is a society of Stefan Klein who developed a new technology about the transformation of a car in a flying car. That was possible because a Slovak startup KLEIN VISION together with Stefan Klein realized a mean of transport similar to a car and an airplane. It is expected that in the near future they will become real taxi-planes. The new cars may bring two or four people they can drive at the speed of 200 km per hour. The sales will start in the 2023. It will be the first flying car of the history. How much do they cost? Who can buy them? Only billionaires can!
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Huluba Nicoleta Roberta, Condorelli Cosimo


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