First of all, it’s important to say that this kind of ignorance and discrimination has existed since the earliest times in history and despite a lot of people have fought for eliminating it, the problem of races has still existed in different Countries of the world. Today we live in a world where  racism is always present; it seems that history hasn’t taught us anything.

Since the Second World War with the persecution against Hebrews, we have lived years and years of evil, millions of people died owing to the opinion of a crazy man, who considered them inferior and these events upset the minds and the hearts of billions of people in the world.

It’s true that fortunately the things have changed little by little, but we can’t say that today, in 2021, racism doesn’t exist because we assist at it every day.

For example, on 26th May 2020 we received the news about the murder of a 46 years old man, this event happened in Minneapolis, the main city of Minnesota. This man was suspected of having taken drugs, he was stopped to be checked by the police: extracted from his car by force, he was thrown to the ground and blocked by officer Derek Chauvin, who climbed on his knees on George Floyd’s neck causing choking and ignoring his requests for help: “I can’t breathe, you’re killing me”. George repeatedly begged the cop to let him breathe but soon passed out and died after being transported to the hospital.

This event shows that prejudices for the skin colour still exist today.

What’s the advantage of discovering a cure of a disease if we’re the first ones to kill one another?

 Racism isn’t based only on different skin colour but also on different sexual orientations: we can note that lots of people think that being gay is an illness and it’s an insult because it’is a shame.

Now my question is: “How can we expect to improve the world when we aren’t able  to accept the existence of diversity?”

It’s embarrassing, ridiculous, stupid, meaningless and absurd!!!!!!

Even if there are a lot of  people who fight in order to obtain equality, there will be always worse people who will destroy every good action.

This is our world; but we can change the things, all that we need is to find the courage because if we continue in this way we’ll bring the world to a total destruction and is it really what we want?

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