Birth of English News: how it all began

The pandemic arrives and all of us students learn a new method of studying with online teaching, the lockdown forces us to stay away from each other and so the spirit of survival or adaptation prevails to keep us going, day after day. But actually we do not realize that there is something that unites us, that unites all students from all over the world, not just the classes individually, but classes from all walks of life … English news! An online newspaper, written by middle and high school students, in English, which is an international language, that all peoples can speak, therefore a universal language.

This newspaper was born in a period that made you feel “alone”, perhaps it was created to avoid this, or perhaps to sensitize us teenagers to what was happening around us, because taken by the adolescent and selfish problems of our age we do not look beyond our nose, and here the magic of the English language takes over making us more responsible.

I was the first to read this newspaper and I could translate all that was written to my mother last summer: she was so happy not just for the content of the news, but because in doing so, I was doing my homework without realizing it. Who would have thought that I, an Italian boy, got to read an English newspaper, if only out of curiosity.

Here’s what English News did

Just at the thought that this newspaper was born during a difficulty that only a pandemic can cause, it shows me the beautiful side of online teaching, because it too had to adapt to the situation, a tutor followed the students, as every teacher followed their pupils teaching online.

Today that perhaps at the end of the tunnel the light can be glimpsed because they have managed to fight the pandemic as an endemic since we have never given up.

I think that the credit also goes to this newspaper, because despite being alone in our rooms, we Italian guys, we were with that English boy who had written the article we were reading, so practically we have never been alone, thanks to English News! Always thanks to it we have learned that even if we come from different cultures the English language unites us.

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Giuseppe Giannetto


4B Liceo Scientifico – Istituto Minutoli Messina -Sez. Quasimodo


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