Biden’s tears in the school of massacre.

Joe and Jill Biden cling to the families of the victims of Uvalde Elementary School bringing them the solidarity and affection of all America. In the small Texas town, the president and the First Lady were greeted by applause. Dressed and dark glasses, Joe and Jill appeared evidently shaken in the face of yet another tragedy. A massacre that affects in a personal way especially the First Lady, a proud teacher for decades who continues to go to class to her students even from the White House. Meanwhile, 16 people were injured fleeing the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York, following a false alarm for a shooting.  The incident occurred shortly after one o’clock in the morning on Sunday, eventually a boxing match. Some noises inside the arena were mistaken for gunfire and panic broke out among those present. The police immediately reassured that there was no shooting but the race to the way out had already started. In Uvalde, the parents of the little victims of the elementary school ask President Biden for strong action on weapons, so that the massacre did not happen once again in vain. The president and the First Lady, in front of robb Elementary School (called the theater of the massacre), deposit a bouquet of white flowers and linger in front of the photos of the victims, which Jill caresses one by one. Biden wipes away his tears. Then they head to the church for mass.  This was supposed to be the first holiday weekend for the 16 children killed: a weekend to celebrate the end of school and the start of the summer season. Instead it is a weekend of pain and shock for their families. But also of anger and controversy for the slow reaction of the police. The parents of the children ask for answers, as to why the agents waited over an hour before going into action. Uvalde County Counselor Ronnie Garza calls for an FBI investigation. At the federal level, the Justice Department says it will investigate how officers responded to the shooting, with “the aim of providing an independent account” of that May 24.

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Samuele Federico Pipitone



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