Biden: an appeal to the population against racism

In America, a supremacist, 18-year-old student, armed with an AR-15 in camouflage and body armor named Payton Gendron, made a killing, live streamed on Twitch, in a supermarket in a neighborhood populated by blacks. He shot, with about seventy bullets, all African American people entering and leaving the store and also killing two white people. One of the people killed was a policeman from Buffalo who took care of the security of the store. Fortunately, the police then arrested him. It is thought that he was going through a difficult period and, moreover, previously, the school where he went to alert the police about a “problematic boy who said he wanted to shoot at the graduation ceremony or after”. New York governor Kathy Hochul says: “I hope this supremacist spends the rest of his days in jail. I’m angry: stop gun violence”. Then she adds: “Platforms have to be careful to the contents that are shared in real time being aware, as in this case, that they can be considered complicit in a serious crime like this”. After about three days from the massacre, on May 17, the American president, Joe Biden, and the first lady Jill went to the place of the terrible event, Bufalo, and left flowers and gifts and they remained silent as a symbol of solidarity and respect and then they met some of the victims’ families. The indignant president appealed to many Americans and urged them to fight racism that only causes evil and accept diversity which is beautiful. Unfortunately, for some time now, in America, but also in many other countries, there are racial discriminations and cultural divisions. It is important, as the American president says, to fight racism so that it disappears forever because, according to the article 3 of the Italian Constitution, we are all equal and even if we differ in skin color, religion, culture, we are all human beings anyway. At the base of every human relationship there is respect. It’s fundamental to accept, respect and help others.

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Miriam Padovano




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