Awarding prize “Best thought Ukraine-Russia War”

You will find below the six winning articles for the “Best thought Ukraine-Russia War” prize.

  1. “Best thought award Ukraine-Russia War”
    I.C. Fontanarossa – Catania – CT
    Alessia Sciacca 1D
    Prof. ssa Giusy Chiarandà
  2. “Give peace a chance”
    I.C. S. Casella – Pedara – CT
    Nelva Sanchez 2C
    Prof. ssa Benedetta Motta
  3. “War: never again!”
    I.C. S. Casella – Pedara – CT
    Giulia Mantione 2B
    Prof. ssa Benedetta Motta
  4. “War in Ukraine: the despair of the people”
    I.C. S. Casella – Pedara – CT
    Federico Marino 2B
    Prof. ssa Benedetta Motta
  5. “War and peace”
    I.S. G. Minutoli – Messina – ME
    Giuseppe Giannetto 4B S
    Prof. ssa Claudia La Bruna
  6. “The modern war”
    I.S. Medi – Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto – ME
    Alessandro Pio Cambria 2D
    Prof. ssa Annalisa Drago Ferrante

In each of these articles, the students have expressed in a personal and original way their opinion on the important and sad topic of war from all points of view. Each essay gives us interesting insights into what war really is and how it is seen from teenagers’ perspective.

We remind you that the six winning articles will receive a three-month online English course as a prize.

Thanks to all our students for participating!

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