Swimming is one of the most popular sports; both young and old people like it and it has very few shortcomings. The mere fact of being practiced in water makes it ideal for who suffers from joint problems and those who risk having them, such as obese people. When we dive into a pool, indeed, our body loses its weight because the water supports us, while, on the other hand, it gains strength.

Among various sports activities, swimming is one of the most complete. It offers the benefits of aerobic activities, increases strength, and reduces fat mass in favour of muscle mass. Furthermore, being performed in zero gravity, it allows not to overload our joints. Swimming is a sport suitable for almost everyone and can be practised at any age, usually children start at around 4-6 years. But we need to pay attention to our back because it can be seriously damaged if we do not know how to move it. Moreover, swimming can also be contraindicated in case of severe scoliosis and if you often suffer from otitis or other ENT diseases. When practising swimming we also need to know that the chlorine present in pools water can be irritating, especially in allergic or asthmatic children; in these cases, it is better to limit the training to once a week. But apart from these few contraindications, swimming is a sport everyone can benefit from. In addition, you can choose the most suitable style for you.

So, let us have a look at the different swimming styles. The ‘freestyle’ stretches the muscles of limbs and back, tightens our buttocks and strengthens our abdomen. The ‘frog’ style is suitable for developing the whole body and for increasing endurance, in addition to toning our legs. The ‘back’ style strengthens shoulders and legs, and it is perfect for stretching back and shoulders muscles. Moreover, it is recommended for back pain sufferers. The ‘dolphin’ style involves all the muscles but requires the technique and strength of an athlete. It particularly improves people’s respiratory capacity, promotes relaxation, and has positive effects on our mood. In addition, the ‘dolphin’ style increases muscle endurance, strength and flexibility.

Swimming in general allows you to burn a lot of calories, depending on the style practised or the pace of training, and it does not stress the joints, so it is also suitable for obese people or when there are musculoskeletal problems. So, let us dive!

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