Benefits of reading 

In Italy 59% of people didn’t read in the past 12 months. But reading has many benefits for your mental health. In fact, according to some studies, reading increases memory, helps to reduce stress levels, improves concentration, boosts empathy and is great for your education. 

A side effect of aging is the decline of memory, but reading can help you to keep your brain active, healthy and strong so it could slow the process. 

Reading also helps to relieve stress because you’re concentrating on something else and you’re getting distracted by your thoughts. 

At least reading a book helps you to increase your vocabulary because you can find some words that you don’t know, especially if you’re reading something in another language. 

Books are mainly expensive but there are some solutions to read and save money at the same time, like buying second hand books, taking them from the library or borrowing them from a friend.

Seeing the numerous benefits, books are considered a great self investment.

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Elisa Di Marco