Before and after the pandemic

In 2019 my life was perfect. I went to school , I did sports and activities, I often went out and I always did something. Just in december 2019 I made my last trip by plane. At the end of December we started talking of a disease in China that raised fever and claimed many victims. I and probably other people believed it was a simple disease. But the more the weeks passed, the more people talked about it. The virus got closer and closer. In February I celebrated my birthday for the very last time with friends and relatives. At the end of February the virus arrived in Italy. In March it arrived in Sicily and at school we began to wear masks and to use a lot of sanitizer. It was a difficult time. I was already leaving home less. In May I started distance learning. That was a very difficult period when the lockdown began. I was always locked at home. I stopped playing basketball, and go karting. So I finished elementary school online. Luckily in the summer the situation calmed down due to the high temperatures. I often went to the sea and went out with my friends. In the meantime middle school began. The mask was annoying but you had to keep it. That was a dark time for me. In November 2020 my grandmother died. I was often unmotivated and I couldn’t breathe with the mask. Now the rules are almost the same and the mask to wear is the FFP2 which is even more annoying. Meanwhile, the war situation between Russia and Ukraine has also been added. I often watch the news to hope that the situation will improve but for now it is only getting worse. There are many changes compared to life three years ago. Fear and anxiety have increased. I leave the house shortly. I often go out only to go to school. I always wear a mask to avoid being infected with Covid. I only practice go-karting as a sport. And I hope to be able to play tennis when the Virus disappears. My way of being as a teenager was born during COVID counting that before the pandemic I was still a child. I hope that when this virus ends I will often go out with friends and change my current teenager being.

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Giuseppe Panebianco


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