Out of the subway we find ourselves in Piazza Duomo in Milan and we are breathless at the sight of the Cathedral, that with its spiers rises to the sky, majestic as if it wanted to challenge the world. Symbol of the Lombard capital, it is dedicated to Santa Maria Nascente. It is the largest church in Italy and third in the world.

The style of the Duomo is the result of centuries-old works, it does not respond to a specific style, but rather follows an idea of ​​”gothic”. The construction began in 1386 and went on for 500 years as the facade was completed in 1800. The construction was commissioned by Gian Galeazzo Visconti, Lord of Milan, and already in the original project it was decided that the Duomo would be covered with white marble, in fact the Condoglia quarries belonged to the Visconti family who donated them to the Fabbrica del Duomo. The spiers are 145, and were erected between the eighteenth century and 1858, the highest was built in 1774 and houses the famous Madonnina which is not gold, but covered with gold sheets and is 4 meters high.

Inside the cathedral is rich in works, like the life of the Virgin Mary, the Edict of Constantine, the life of St. Ambrose and the history of Milan. It consists of five naves, among which the central one is very wide. On the sides there are many stained glass windows, in some the single window tells a scene and all together a story, the most beautiful is that of the Last Judgment. There is a striking statue of St. Bartholomew and under the main altar there is a small church and the entrance to the Treasury of the Cathedral where gold chalices and precious jewels are kept.

Unfortunately it is only a dream … something tiny prevents us from living our life but thinking about the beauty and majesty of the cathedral we feel a little stronger and united in the extraordinary beauty of our Italy that goes from north to south. We must feel proud to be Italian and sure that everything will pass and we will return to enjoy the beauties of our country.

See you soon “Mia bela Madunina”.

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