Banksy (Bristol, 1974) is an English artist and writer, considered one of the greatest representatives of street art, whose true identity is still unknown. His works are often satirical and deal with topics such as politics, culture and ethics. 

His activities as an activist, politician and director are also known. Banksy’s street art is satirical and subversive in nature.

His works combine dark humor with graffiti done with the stencil technique. His political and social criticism murals have appeared on city streets, walls and bridges around the world. Banksy’s work originated in the Bristol underground scene, spread around the world, arriving even in Italy, fascinating all of us. 

Banksy’s art, in fact, finds expression in the street and public dimension of the urban space, creating pieces that document the poverty of the human condition. 

His works ironically and satirically deal with themes which explore the absurdities of Western society, media manipulation, homologation, the atrocities of war, pollution, child exploitation, the brutality of police repression and mistreatment. some animals. A wide range of subjects are used to convey this message, such as monkeys, mice (his rats are now famous), policemen, children, cats and members of the royal family.

Banksy, His works in italy

One of the artist’s first works on Italian territory was the Madonna with the Gun, in Naples, which appeared on a night in 2010. The Madonna is represented with her arms open to the sky. However, instead of the classic halo, she is represented with a gun above her head.

The work of the Madonna with the gun was protected by a plexiglass case that allows the work to remain protected from vandalism.

After years, in 2019, the artist secretly returned to Italy, giving us another of his masterpieces. This time his work is located in Venice and was made in the first week after the opening of the Venice Biennale. It is a child who survived a wind-blown landing wearing a life jacket. The work depicts him holding a signal rocket in his hand, which lights up the night, symbolizing a hope of salvation. A child who shows the way to adults.

I was really inspired by this artist, thanks to my Art teacher, who made me discover this amazing works and story behind them, accompanying me on my path of eighth grade. A big thank to Mr Cirino.

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