Back to normal after Covid

The most read pages on social media, in the newspapers for more than two years, are certainly those on Covid-19, the virus that has changed everyone’s way of life, which informs us about infections, variants and many government D.P.C.M. (60 in all) to face this pandemic.

We had to change our habits. Covid in fact forced us to wear the mask and to comply with many safety measures decided by the Ministry of Health. Overnight we also found ourselves locked in the house, we were no longer able to go to school, play sports and go out with our friends. And all this to avoid taking the CORONAVIRUS, a respiratory disease, similar to a flue, that has killed many people. The Internet certainly allowed us to continue studying, although often with connection problems, it also helped parents to work with Smart Working, gave us the opportunity to text, to video call, to play PlayStation, otherwise the lockdown would have been more difficult to bear. Television also helped us fill our days so as not to get bored. But now we are always connected, it seems that we can no longer do without it.

This situation certainly made us understand that it is important to be together with others, that freedom, which was previously discounted for us, is a fundamental right and above all it gave us time to reflect on our behaviors and if it is necessary to try to change them now that everything is returning to normal. The pandemic has improved, infections have decreased and for this reason since April 1, 2022 the state of emergency that lasted 790 days is over. There are no more colorful regions, you will no longer need the Covid-19 Green Certification (or Green Pass) indoors, to go to the cinema, to the bar, to the pizzeria, to get on public transport. The mask will no longer be mandatory from May 10th even at school. I won’t find them any more in the pockets of pants, jackets, although I think I won’t be able to do without the mask completely. It is true that the mask bothers me so much and I often feel the need to remove it, but it gives me a sense of protection and security. I admit that I am afraid of this return to normal.

Perhaps I am one of the Covid youth (I read this term in an article by Focus Junior) that is, a boy who is experiencing adolescence, the transition from child to boy or like the book of Anthology, from caterpillar to butterfly with so many limitations. They are very insecure and relationships with others, especially friends, have become more difficult. I seem to have forgotten how to make friends, how to introduce myself to people, I can’t stay less than 1.5 m away from another person, and I constantly disinfect my hands. I feel like I have to learn some things again, especially trusting others. My parents tell me that now is the time to go out, to have experiences of my age, which during the pandemic it was not possible to do. First of all I would like to start traveling because that’s the thing I like to do most of all. I would like to visit the most beautiful cities in Italy. Meanwhile, on Sunday I would like to go and visit the Illusione Ville Museum in Milazzo and then I am also organizing a surprise weekend in Rome for my mother’s birthday with my father. The school also organized a trip to Sila and although I accepted it right away, I confess that I have some doubts. We must continue to be careful, not to think that Covid is over, not to abandon the rules we have observed in these two years. I think it’s time to start meeting again, having fun, to take back the normality that Covid has taken away from us. We must not erase covid from our minds but we must get used to a good normality.

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Carmine Maccarrone


III A – Furci Siculo


My trip in Malta gave me very good feelings! First of all, the school environment was very nice, and the teachers were.  very gentle and

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