Awarding prize “72nd Sanremo Festival” 

Below you will find the winning articles of the “72nd Sanremo Festival” award with the corresponding bonus points awarded.

  1. “Music changes in Sanremo”
    I.S. Majorana/Arcoleo – Caltagirone – CT
    Giulia Stracquadaini 3A SA
    Prof. ssa Daniela Sorrenti
    This article, with its rich and personal content, was awarded 10 bonus points.
  2. “One month after Sanremo 2022…The most listened songs”
    I.C. G.R. Livatino – Roccalumera – ME
    Elena Attennante 2B
    Prof. ssa Daniela Barbieri
    The article, whose content is developed in a thorough and original way, was awarded 7 bonus points.
  3. “<<Hugging our uniqueness will be beautiful>>, so Drusilla Foer at Sanremo 2022”
    I.C. Albo/Giovanni XXIII – Modica – RG
    Salvatore Bongoraglio 3E
    Prof. Silvio Sammito
    Focused on the subject of uniqueness with final personal considerations, the article was awarded 5 bonus points.
  4. “Mahmood and Blanco: Brividi the new song loved by teenagers”
    I.C. S. Casella – Pedara – CT
    Giorgia Napoli 2C
    Prof. ssa Benedetta Motta
    The article, whose content is based on a comprehensive analysis of the Sanremo festival winning song and the Mahmood-Blanco duo who brought it to success, was awarded 3 bonus points.
  5. “The Italian song festival”
    I.S. D. Bosco/E. Majorana – Troina -EN
    Martina Sotera 3L
    Prof. ssa Maria Concetta Marrali
    The article, focusing on the last edition of the festival but with a look back, is awarded 2 bonus points.

Thanks to all our students for participating!

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My trip in Malta gave me very good feelings! First of all, the school environment was very nice, and the teachers were.  very gentle and

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