Austria: solved the yellow of the skeleton in the tent

The Agenzia Nazionale Stampa Associata (ANSA) is the leading news service in Italy. ANSA is a non-profit organization that has thirty six members. This organization is also one of the leading news organizations in Italy. Its mission is to distribute fair and objective news reports. It was founded in Rome during 1945. The ANSA has twenty two offices in Italy and eighty-one offices can be found in other countries around the world. It also broadcasts national and local news reports. Not only does this organization have news reports in Italian, it also includes news reports in English, Spanish, German, Portuguese and arabic. The news report that I am focusing on dates back to 21 April, and took place in Australia. This report Impressed me because it is based on the discovery of the skeleton. There were 2 rock climbers on a trip in the Martinswand wall trying to open a new path for climbers. They had found the skeleton in a tent in front of the rock wall in Triolo. They found the body that was in an advanced state of decomposition. The climbing equipment that was found with the skeleton was returned. The identity of the climber was unknown up until a few months ago. In fact, on 12 May, with the use of DNA testing, it was discovered that it was the body of a runaway thief. The criminal was born in 1963, and had been sentenced to two years in prison in 2015. He was convicted of a home burglary, but had never turned himself in prison to serve his sentence. The thief disguised himself as a climber, in order to make it harder for the police to  find him. He lived in a tent near Innsbruck, where he died for unknown reasons. The investigators, however, ruled out murder as a possible cause of death. Moreover, a local resident says that no one has passed through those areas for over one hundred years.

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Anna Raspante