Katy Perry


Alyssa Bongiardino: Hello! My name is Alyssa and I’m an Italian student. I’m writing an article about you because you are my favourite singer and I love your songs! What’s your real name ?

Katy Perry: My  real name is Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson

Alyssa Bongiardino: What’s  your stage name?

 Katy Perry :My stage name is Katy Perry

 Alyssa Bongiardino : Where are you from?

 Katy Perry: I’m from Santa Barbara, in California, in the U.S.A.

 Alyssa Bongiardino: What kind of music do you prefer?

 Katy Perry: I prefer pop music.

Alyssa Bongiardino: How old are you?

Katy Perry: I’m 36 years old.

Alyssa Bongiardino: When is your birthday?

Katy Perry: My birthday in on the twenty- fifth of October.

Alyssa Bongiardino: Really? My birthday is in October,too.

Alyssa Bongiardino: What’s your favourite animal ?

Katy Perry : My favourite animal is the elephant. I saw a lot of elephants in Kenya when I was a child and I love them.

Alyssa Bongiardino:What’s your favourite colour?

Katy Perry: My favourite colour is pink but I love all the colours!

Alyssa Bongiardino: Do you have any children?

Katy Perry :Yes, I do . I have a daughter .

 Alyssa Bongiardino: What’s your daughter’s name?

Katy Perry: My daughter’s name is Daisy Dove.

Alyssa Bongiardino: What do you like doing in your free time?

Katy Perry: I like going out with my friends and  going shopping.I love cuddling with my cat.

Alyssa Bongiardino: What’s your favourite food?

Katy Perry: I have a lot of favourite foods. I love Asian food like chicken salad and sashimi.I enjoy crackers and vanilla ice-cream,too.

Katy Perry PizzaAlyssa Bongiardino: Do you like Italian pizza?

 Katy Perry: Yes, I do. I’m crazy for pizza! I can make the best homemade pizza in my city ! Can I invite you for dinner? I’m waiting for you in Santa Barbara!

Alyssa Bongiardino:  Great! Of course, you can ! Thank you for this wonderful interview and for your invitation!I  hope I will be in Santa Barbara next week!Bye!

Katy Perry: I’m  looking forward to meeting you! Bye Alyssa!

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Alyssa Bongiardino


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