Art is the expression of creativity; it is a way to communicate feelings, emotions, different points of view about life, love, nature and other universal themes.

Art is the expression of the human spirit; it can be a painting, a dance, a sculpture, a shot, a song, a poem, a building, a film or simply a drawing.

What is wonderful in art is that there is no fixed scheme, nobody can say what is definitely right or wrong: a piece of art is the one that moves you and that makes you think; it is the one that conveys emotional messages and makes you feel sad or happy according to your mood.

I love Art and drawing is my passion. I can use my imagination to express what I feel and how I see the world around me.

At school, the Art teacher tells us of famous artists of the past. She makes us understand the period they lived and appreciate their works. She helps us look deeply at paintings, catch details, little things that make a work a masterpiece.

We all love her lessons and we are learning how to use the pencil and how to choose the colors according to the emotions and feelings we want to express.

We should have more than two hours of Art lessons a week: Art and also Music should be as important as other subjects like Maths or Italian.

In Italy, a country that can boast 44% of the artistic heritage declared by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, Art and Music have so little space at school and this is a real paradox.

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Sara Miceli


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