Very deep creative paths and exchanges are intertwined between art and fashion. The contact of the fashion world with the protagonists of art favors an intertwining between them. The art-fashion relationship has been explored in multiple directions since the beginning of the twentieth century. The artists of that time applied their own aesthetic concepts to the design of the female dress, understood as: “ARTISTIC DRESS”. The art-fashion style is based on clothes with particular decorations that have various geometric shapes and bright colors inspired by famous paintings. For futurist artists, dressing would have reflected on the body the dynamic and revolutionary ideal of the poetics of the futurist manifesto. In 1920 Tayaht proposed anti-fashion clothing: “the suit”, a universal suit capable of replacing the entire wardrobe. The new way of dressing was proposed with the slogan: “All in suit”. To date, the suit is an indispensable garment that we all have in the closet! In the Paris of the 1920s and 1930s, the relationship between fashion and art reaches a high level. It was a period in which fashion was dominated by fringes, embroideries and drapery on dresses; moreover, this era represented the first splendor of Coco Chanel, who manages to immortalize fashion and simple elegance in her clothes. The fashion of the 1920s “draws” an emancipated woman who is very different from the past … It is the so-called “Flapper Girl”. Xves Saint-Laurent always maintained a constant relationship with art, frequenting artists such as: Andy Warhol, Henry Matisse, Pablo Picasso and Rudolph Murejev. In 1965 the: “Mondricn Look” was created … Jersey tube dresses, in which the pieces of fabric of the dresses were assembled in order to reproduce geometric and artistic shapes. During the 60s art and fashion meet once again and the future of art, fashion and costume develops. The Pop icons of American stars, from Marilyn to James Dcan return to the legendary Gianni Versace collection on luxurious dresses with beads and sequins. Instead, from the 1970s to today, episodes of extraordinary creativity have been revealed on the dress as a pictorial or sculptural field. My article on fashion and art ends here, I hope that with these lines of mine I could have given you readers a precise and concrete image of what art and fashion are together.

I wish you a good day!

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