With the passing of the time we have learned, also thanks to the study of history or other school subjects, how gender equality seems to be an unattainable condition of life. In the history of humanity it has never existed and over the years it has become a serious problem, creating rather unpleasant situations. In the world the lack of inequality has led to an increase in the number of prejudices , due to the theory of stereotypes. Stereotypes and prejudices produce the so- called discriminations that are the unequal treatment  of one or more individuals by virtue of their membership of particular category. Racism, sexism or homophobia are all forms of discrimination that still exist still  today. Our ”atomistic” society is characterized by  its own profit and selfish interests where union and altruism, in most cases, are completely absent.  Many circumstances, including the phenomenon of emigration, have led to an increase of hostility towards people defined as ”different” for their culture. 
A recent case of discrimination in Italy concerns Hillary Sedu,  lawyer from Naples of Nigerian origins. He is an activist for migrants and the first “ black” counselor of the Naples Bar Association. He had the legal assistance of  an immigrant woman and her daughter in order to obtain the residence permit but the honorary judge has questioned his ability as lawyer because of the colour of his skin. She immediately interrupts him and said  ”Are you really a lawyer?” ”Show me your lawyer card ?”, and then ”Are you graduated?”.  What kind of society is this? An episode that perfectly describes how prejudices are perhaps difficult to remove. It was certainly a disappointment for Hillary Sedu who  deals mainly with human rights. After this situation he  was forced to defend his rights against the prejudices. Apart from the lack of common sense , here there is a great deal of idiocy and incompetence in showing equal social dignity, which should be represented in a courtroom. The problem with these circumstances is that such behaviour is criticized but unfortunately still tolerated. The reduction of inequalities is the tenth goal of the 2030 Agenda .  To make this happen  we need to improve our attitude to rebuild a society where  the common good and common sense can  exist.

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Emanuela Coniglio


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