“C’è posta per te”, broadcast on Canale 5 since 12th January 2000 and hosted by Maria De Filippi, is the longest-running people show on Italian television.  The programme’s mechanism takes up and develops the theme of surprise messages around Italy from another successful programme, “Strangelove”. It’s basically about ordinary people getting together who want to see each other again, to clear up misunderstandings or to surprise family or friends through the presence of celebrities. The program’s theme song is Love’s Theme, a 1973 song by Barry White’s Love Unlimited Orchestra.
It has been a successful programme for many years. This is shown by the consistently high ratings.  Sometimes I ask myself: what is it that keeps us all glued to the TV, listening to the most diverse stories being told? Sometimes they are funny, sometimes tragic, sometimes incredible. Whatever they are, we are there to follow them, laughing or saddened until we cry. Maybe it is also the host, Maria De Filippi, who makes us love all her programmes. She also plays an important role, she is charismatic and manages to interest, intrigue and move us. I often watch the programme and certain stories make me reflect on what is right and what is not, I draw lessons from them but also indignation.
Probably knowing the details of a story makes us enter the context as if we knew them. And anyway, I’m happy when the stories turn out well and even happier when we help families in need. So the programme takes on a social character and that, in my opinion, is the key to its success.

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Panarello Michela



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