It all started from a very simple mobile phone. You couldn’t text, use social media or play games. You could only make a call. Nowadays, you can do so many things with phones or computers. How far have we gone with technology! If we take an old phone, for example the Nokia, it was an essential one. You couldn’t play or use social networks. Our phones, instead, let us play, call, take pictures, etc.

The advantage of using smartphones is that thanks to the Internet you are always up to date on everything and young people are very interested in it, but sometimes we can even be overwhelmed by the excess of use.

The disadvantage of surfing the net is that you can have unpleasant encounters. For example, when neglected by friends or schoolmates, guys tend to spend more and more time on social networks risking to find fake accounts able to steal important personal information. The solution could be not to use them so often! Why not?

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Mattia Antinoro e Antonino Buscemi




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