April Fool’s Day

Why is there a tradition of making jokes on April 1st and then exclaiming “April fool!”?

The origins are not certain, but there are several theories. Before the Gregorian calendar, in 1582, the New Year was celebrated between 25 March, which was the old date of the vernal equinox, and 1st April. After this change, not everyone got used to the change and were called “April fools”. The celebrations of the first of April became a custom around the end of 1500. The first country to have adopted this tradition was France, then Germany, later England and other European states. The French continued to exchange gifts between March and April, which could also be empty with a note inside that read: poisson d’avril, April Fool’s Day in French. The custom in Italy is recent, the first to welcome the custom was Genoa. What do fish do? Fish easily bite the hook. How the victims of pranks easily “take the bait” for teasing.

April Fool’s Day in the world: in the United Kingdom and America it is called April fool’s day. The word “Fool” remembers the bard in the medieval courts. In Germany Aprilscherz, it is simply a prank of April. In Scotland April Fool day lasts two days, the second day is called “Taily Day”, the joke consists in sticking in the back of people a label with the writing ”Kick me!”. In Portugal the days dedicated to jokes are on Sunday and Monday before Lent, people usually throw packets of flour. In India it is celebrated on March 31st, it is Huli Festival to open the Spring season and make joke to everyone. Everywhere in the world, April 1st still celebrates a little Carnival! It is very difficult to avoid this joke because it is everywhere at school, at work and in the social media too!

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