April 1st: fool’s day or reality?

The state of emergency ended on April 1, 2022 .. As you all know, the state of emergency was caused by COVID-19.

A lot of people in this period say: “He is finally freeing us from the covid” or “We can finally take off our masks”.

For safety I will keep the mask, because the covid is still there, it has not disappeared so for safety I will keep it.

I noticed that many people couldn’t do many activities anymore because they didn’t have the vaccine; in my opinion this thing of limiting access to unvaccinated people is right, because if we think a person without a vaccine is positive, automatically everyone should take a swab. I have all three doses and I feel very free, let’s say, compared to my other classmates.

Honestly, now I am feeling much more comforted and much calmer than before because even if it has not yet passed we are more or less managing to counter it. In my opinion we have to start living with the covid which will gradually become a new type of fever .. I do not know if we will be able to eradicate it or not, I hope so and I hope to remove the mask as soon as possible without having a constant fear of taking it. Even if I have the vaccine I have the same fear because with the vaccine we do not become immune, they simply increase our immune defenses and even people with 3 doses have taken it anyway.

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Carlotta Barbagallo


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