Apple, in 2021 created 85.000 jobs in Italy.

In the year in which Apple celebrates 40 years in Italy, new research highlights the global success and employment growth of developers of iOs apps, the operating system of iPhones. According to the report “Spotlight on Small Business & App Creators on the App Store”, conducted by a group of independent economists from Analysis Group, in the last two years the earnings of developers and developers have increased significantly. Particularly in Italy, during 2021, the development of apps for iOS generated more than 85,000 jobs and helped small businesses to have a better commercial outlet. These results reflect a similar trend at European level, where the sector has grown to employ 2.2 million people, an increase of 7% compared to the previous year. Thanks to the App Store Foundations Program, Apple has offered support to over 50 Italian developers, with an increase of almost 50% since its launch in 2018. “Some of the most exciting developers in the world are Italian, and we’re really happy that the industry is continuing to grow and create a record number of jobs,” said Daniel Matray, Apple’s Director of App Store for Continental Europe. “Millions of people use apps created by talented Italian developers to live, work and play. Apple is proud to contribute to their success, and we look forward to helping them reach new heights.” An analysis by the Progressive Policy Institute highlights how in the last two years an increasing number of companies have reached their customers in innovative ways thanks to apps. A more relevant trend is when developers have helped people, with their apps, find new ways to have fun, collaborate with colleagues, bring out their creativity and stay in touch with friends and family.

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Samuele Federico Pipitone