Another slaughter, other hypocrisy 

Today, May 25, 2022, in Uvalde, a small town in Texas, an eighteen-year-old boy, Salvador Ramos, killed his grandmother and then went to a primary school and killed nineteen children and two teachers.
Another massacre in the United States, and President Joe Biden asks to step up to change the arms’ laws.
Those words sounds strange because the problem in the United States existe from a long time and the situation continues to remain unchanged because nobody want really change rules. To better understand this issue, it should be noted that in the United States, arms production is a very powerful lobby. In fact, arms producers finance the President’s election campaign.
A similar case happened in 1999 at a Columbine high school, always in the United States. Same procedure: a young boy premeditates to make a slaughter, makes videos and with a lot of arms, makes his crazy purpose.
Michael Moore, in his documentary movie “Bowling in Columbine” denounces the hypocrisy of the American system. On the one hand, authorities cry victims, on the other, they do nothing to change the state of affairs.

The diversity of perspective between our country and the American one is paradoxical. In the United States, for excess and disproportionate freedom, anyone can buy all kinds of weapons, even those of assault. Anyone can go to the woods and hunt without limitation. American freedom, therefore, lets that people and animals are killed without braking.

In Italy, a paradox to the opposite: if an attacker enters the house for theft or violence, the victim cannot defend himself. For italian justice, this would be an excess negligent by the victim. A similar case for the italian policemen: if they intervened with the use of the weapon of service against a person who is about to carry out a massacre, they would be suspended pending judicial investigations.

Two different countries, therefore, but also two different forms of hypocrisy.

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