Another school massacre that lengthens the blood trail in the United States, is the second bloodiest shooting in American history.

He had just bought two rifles for his birthday, Salvador Ramos, the eighteen-year-old American who immediately after shoots his grandmother, and kills 19 children and 2 teachers, in an elementary school in Uvalde, Texas, before being killed by the police.

Another massacre, that of Texas, which shocked America and the whole world. The only “signal” of what would happen next was on Facebook, where killer Salvador Ramos had written 30 minutes before reaching school ‘I’m going to shoot my grandmother’, then ‘I shot my grandmother’, and 15 minutes before the massacre ‘I’m going to shoot at a school’ He parked his car, reached the inside of the school wearing a bulletproof vest, entered a classroom and opened fire; “He was shooting at everyone and whatever was in front of him,” the witnesses say. Uziyah Garcia was 8 years old, Xavier Lopez was 10, Makenna Lee Elrod was also the same age as Xavier, among the victims there was also Amerie Jo Garza, there are only four of the 21 lives broken this Tuesday. The gunman walked into the classroom and yelled, “You’re going to die,” Amerie picked up her phone to call 911, and instead of grabbing it or breaking it, the killer shot her. “The reason for this madness is still very doubtful,” said Chris Olivarez, spokesman for the Texas Department of Public Security, explaining that “we are trying to determine a motive, we are working with the FBI. ” Speaking of the massacre, President Biden was tired and angry, calling on all Americans to respect the rules of common sense on arms, and to avoid these tragedies.

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