Anne of Green Gables (L. M. Montgomery)

This book follows a young orphan named Anne Shirley and describes her new life in Avonlea on Prince Edward Island after being adopted into a complicated family. 

Anne struggles to adapt to life in Avonlea and often finds herself in conflict with her adoptive mother and other local women, as she has trouble acting like a “proper lady” and abiding by standard rules of etiquette and social expectations. For example, she shouts at one of her neighbors, Mrs. Rachel Lynde, after she is mocked about her red hair.Anne has a strong imagination that takes her on endless adventures—and sometimes makes her wind up in a bit of trouble. 

Although many see this novel as a classic children’s book, the themes encased among its pages are most certainly more “adult” and continue to be relevant. The imagery is vivid, the story is captivating, and—if this is what you are looking for—it will make you forget that there is a pandemic happening at all.

Anne of Green Gables was inspired by a newspaper story, and Montgomery infused the work with her own girlhood experiences and the rural life and traditions of Prince Edward Island. Although initially rejected by several publishers, the novel was a huge success upon publication. Mark Twain called Anne “the most lovable child in fiction” since Lewis Carroll’s Alice. Anne of Green Gables was adapted for film, stage, and television. Although Montgomery was not interested in continuing the story, she wrote several sequels that traced Anne’s life from girlhood to motherhood. However, they were less popular than the original novel.

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