Android or iOS, which one is better?

Are you an Android fan who got bullied because of your phone camera?

Are you an iPhone user who ran out of battery in an hour?

Forget about all of this, it’s fake!

All phones nowadays come with good cameras, awesome displays, speakers, and accessories.

What truly characterizes them is the operative system, the DNA of the phone.

There are different operative systems worldwide, and the most important ones are Android and iOS.

In 2022, Android is present on 3 billion active devices, versus 1,5 billion active iPhones.

Android features more customization, widgets, options, and especially the possibility to install of APKs.

On the other hand, iOS is safer, optimized for social platforms, powerful and even the oldest devices will be updated to the newest iOS.

But who is the winner?

Let’s take a look at some of the best phones of 2022: the Galaxy S22 ultra (Android) and the iPhone 13 pro max (iOS).

The Galaxy takes better pictures with its terrific zoom and colors, however, the iPhone records better videos and takes better night mode pictures.

This is fair.

Moving onto the screen, the Galaxy offers a 120 Hz refresh rate on all models, while only the iPhone 13 pro and pro max share this feature.

Poor base iPhone 13, stuck at 60 Hz.

The Galaxy wins this time.

What about performance?

In this case, both phones are awesome, with low loading times for games and apps. If you love Genshin Impact, however, the iPhone 13 pro max reached 60 fps, while the Galaxy was stuck at 30-40. This could be due to the lack of optimization.

Both lost almost the same percentage of battery during the tests.

The iPhone wins this time.

What about internet speed?

The Galaxy S22 ultra, equipped with wifi 6E, resulted in a much faster download speed (1000 Mbps) compared to the iPhone (400 Mbps).

The Galaxy wins again.

Last, but not least: is hardware.

The Galaxy S22 ultra has better specs than the iPhone, but it seems like apple can bring out the potential in every phone they make.

So, who is the final winner?

Both! Both phones are awesome and you’re the one who has to choose the perfect device for your needs.

I, myself, would like better performance and stabilization, therefore the iPhone is the better choice. It also gets updates for 6 years.

If you install lots of APKs and like customization, go for the Galaxy.

You’ll have easy access to all of your files and tons of emulators.

So, do you have an idea what your next phone will be?

Remember not to change it too often, it’s bad for the planet!

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