Hello mother Earth, how are you?

Bad. My fever is rising and I also can’t breathe well. I am worn out in various parts. But I don’t have covid, so don’t worry.

Sorry Earth! How come you feel bad?

Because of mankind, Climate change is transforming me tremendously. Yet I believe I did everything possible to make you humans feel good. I have provided you with oxygen to breathe, water to drink, I have given you permission to eat plants and alas, animals! I have provided you with forests, glaciers, deserts, beaches, hills, mountains, plains… I have covered myself with beautiful things for you and for the animals. I even created a balance between all of these things. I don’t understand what went wrong. Maybe you were the problem, acting like criminals against me, destroying me. You are also destroying the ozone barrier that I had built to regulate the sun’s rays. You obviously didn’t like me the way I was before.

I understand your feelings. I think we humans did like you before. Only some of us were devoured by ambition and the desire for money. Now what do you think about us humans?

I think I’d be better off without you. You have forgotten that you are not my masters, but my guests. I was fond of you. I was glad you were getting smarter, but I thought you were smart enough not to destroy me and the plants and animals. It is now only a matter of patience. If you continue like this, you will become extinct within a few years. Even if I will have a hard time rebuilding myself, I know that without you I will be able to do it. I deluded myself during the lockdown, last year. I thought you loved me again, but as soon as the Covid gave you a little respite, you started over. I have found that koalas are much nicer and smarter than you, and so are polar bears. If you manage not to extinguish them, I will dedicate myself to them.

I think you felt offended, disappointed and somehow betrayed by humans. You should know that most young people all over the world don’t like this situation and that, like you, we lose hope too, every now and then. Do you think we are still in time to stop or slow down the damage?

Yes, I know young people don’t like this situation. This gives me some hope, but little. The adults say that you will save me, but then they are not giving you much help, are they? However, you have time, but little, less and less every day. I’m getting worse every day. I hope adults who are in a position of really doing something will listen to you and start stopping the self-destruction of humans. Unfortunately, I’m skeptical, because they only think about themselves and their earnings, but let’s hope they grow wiser. Meanwhile, continue to protest and spread the news. It gives me a little bit of hope.

Thanks Earth. If we humans were able to live without harming you and Nature, would you love us again?

Yes. I would love you again, but I would always be on the alert because I now know what you are capable of.

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Nelva Sanchez


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