Emma = Hello everyone! And welcome to the Late Late Show! Today we are gathered here for regretting …

Giulia = Okay Emma, ​​by now we know that you really like to joke! I am Giulia and she is my friend-colleague Emma!

Emma = And today we’re going to interview a cast that is really famous right now!

Giulia = Exactly Emma! I would like to say who it is because in my opinion the public is dying to know!

Emma = Giuly in my opinion too! And the cast we’re going to interview today will be

Giulia = Please, drum roll

* drumroll *

Giulia = Teen Wolf!

* cheers and shouts in the crowd *

Emma = Giulia, what do you think? This series became famous and known all over the world. What do you think about it?

Giulia = I loved this series madly! I find it really exciting!

Emma = I believe so too! Well Giulia I think I stop chatting and start introducing them!

Giulia = Let’s start with the protagonist, the fantastic * drum roll * Tyler Posey!

* Tyler Posey enters and the audience applauds *

* Tyler sits down and waves to the audience *

Emma = then we continue with the protagonist’s best friend … Dylan O’brien !!

* girls scream *

* Dylan nods and sits next to Tyler *

Giulia = Well I would ask our beloved question and answer Emy! Go!

Emma = Holland Roden!

Giulia = Shelley Henning!

Emma = Tyler Hoeclin!

Giulia = and… Dylan SprayBerry!

* The Four Actors take their seats and greet the audience *

Dylan O’Brien = Hello !!!

* girls scream *

Emma = Shh! We are looking to do an interview!

Giulia = So, we are going to ask you some questions written by your fans that we took from Twitter and you will have to answer as sincerely as possible! Are you ready?

* actors nod in amusement *

Emma = Well we have just to start. So @ Ishippsterek99…

Tyler Posey = Nice name!

Dylan Sprayberry = I thought the same!

* audience laughs along with the rest of the actors *

Emma = As I was saying, @Ishippsterek asks what is your favorite relationship?

Holland Roden = Mhh? I think it’s the relationship between Melissa Scott’s mother and the Sheriff’s Stiles father

Shelley Henning = Yes! She’s gorgeous! But I think I’m a supporter of Theo and Liam

Dylan SprayBarry = Thanks Shelley! But mine is the one between Scott and Allison

Tyler Hoeclin = Probably mine too!

Dylan O’brien = I don’t know, maybe I too the one between the sheriff and Melissa.

Emma = and you Tyler?

Tyler Posey = Mine is definitely Stiles and Scott

Giulia = Let’s move on to the next one! @larabbiadiliam asks Do you prefer to get together with a blond or a dark-haired man?

Dylan O’brien = It’s the best name! However team more!

Holland Roden = I Blond!

Dylan Spraybarry = me too Team blondes

Shelley Henning = I died

Tyler Hoeclin = Blondes!

Tyler Posey = Forever more!

Emma = Okay! Let’s move on to another question! This one comes from @teenwolffanfiction and asks at what age did you give your first kiss?

Tyler Posey = Oh well I gave my first kiss when I was 9!

Dylan O’brien = Wow Tyler beat everyone I know! Me at 14.

Holland Roden = me 13!

Shelley Henning = Mhh … I think 5 * laughing *

Dylan Spraybarry = if I’m not mistaken at 10

Tyler Hoeclin = * laughing * I think only I gave my first kiss at 16!

Giulia = Well, let’s go with another question @dylan_iloveyou_ asks how long are you going to prepare?

* a girl yells “I love you” to Dylan and he gets embarrassed *

Shelley Henninig = I spend about 3 and a half hours there, to transform myself from a werewolf coyote!

Tyler Posey = me instead 5 because I’m a real Alpha!

Dylan Spraybarry = I am a bit like Shelley, almost 3 hours to put on my wolf make-up.

Holland Roden = me very little, I am an hour to put on Banshee makeup.

Dylan O’brien = I spent an hour and a half preparing for Void Stiles.

Tyler Hoeclin = Me instead to transform myself from a sexy werewolf, about 4 hours!

Emma = let’s move on to another question, this one comes from @thesun_themoon_thetruth_ what is your favorite season?

Dylan O’Brien = Mine is definitely 3rd because I’m Void Stiles

* girls scream *

Tyler Hoeclin = For me it’s 2nd because I become alpha there.

Dylan Spraybarry = From me obviously the 5th because it is the one that I am hottest.

Holland Roden = mine is 6th because Stiles declares himself to my character

* a girl yells “remember I love you” and Dylan O. pretends to wipe away a tear *

Shelley Henning = For me it is the 4th because it is the first season that a Coyote werewolf arrives at Beacones Hill

* the audience laughs *

Tyler Posey = For me of course and absolutely 1st because my character knows Allison

Giulia = Let’s move on to @jerald_faischifo asks you which is your favorite supernatural creature?

* Tyler Posey laughs *

Tyler Posay = Of course mine!

Dylan O’Brien = Monstrous Snowman !!

* audience laughs *

Shelley Henning = mine are the doctors of terror.

Holland Roden = The Hellhound!

Dylan SprayBarry = La Bete du Gevudan!

Tylor Hoeclin = The berserkers!

Emma = Let’s move on to the last question from @ A.A_S.M

Giulia = please drums


Emma = Who is the best villain?

Tyler Hoeclin = Jerald, because he never dies

Tyler Posey = The Phantom Knights, because it was the hardest battle without Stiles.

Shelley Henning = The she-wolf of the desert and Peter

Dylan O’brien = Eucalion

Holland Roden = The Benefactor.

Dylan Spraybarry = The Nazists

Giulia = Buonaserata, we hope to have made you interested.

Emma = And see you next time!

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My trip in Malta gave me very good feelings! First of all, the school environment was very nice, and the teachers were.  very gentle and

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