Today, our journalist will delight us with a conversation with the great Maestro Bellini, who through our questions will tell us how it was to live in the first half of the nineteenth century.

J: Good evening, Mister Bellini and thank you for agreeing to satisfy the curiosity of our listeners on the routine, the culture, and curiosities of your time…but.. Let’s start with the first question, to begin a curiosity of a geographical nature: how many were the citizens of Catania in the first half of the nineteenth century?

Mr. B: Thank you for contacting me and I answer the first question, well during the first half of the nineteenth century the population of Catania was about forty thousand but shortly before my death it reached fifty-six thousand

J: Thank you Mr. Bellini. Many listeners ask you how did you spend your days without modern technology?

Mr. B: When I was a child instead of playing with my smartphone, I went out with my friends. There were no washing machines and clothes were washed by hand. In the house we did not have a shower and often to wash we went to get water at the well.. Oh.. I could tell you so many stories related to river or well baths

J: Let’s talk a bit about music. What were the most played instruments and genre in your time?

Mr. B: The first half of the nineteenth century is the period in which the French Revolution inflamed souls and the piano was the most used instrument to sing patriotic hymns and songs of freedom but also odes and love songs

J: I see. Which monuments, places and churces were mostly visited in Catania?

Mr. B: Well, the monuments most visited were the cathedral of Catania and Crociferi street. The cathedral was reconstructed after the earthquake of the 1693 in barocco style, this church is linked to Sant’Agata story. In Crociferi street there are four churches, three monasteries and a college. To this street it is linked the legend of the “Cavallo senza testa”, it is said that a horse scares the people who walk in Crociferi street during night time.

J: Thank you so much Mr. Bellini for your availability but before I say goodbye I have one last question that was asked by several listeners: What really happens in the afterlife?

Mr. Bellini: … … …

J: Mr. Bellini, are you still there?
Sorry, dear listeners, looks like the line has fallen..

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