Prejudice can have different sides. It can be a simply idea that one has against another person, or something more complex, because a prejudice can be caused by different points of view. When we hear people that say “I believe”, or I think that”almost certainly we are in the presence of a prejudice. It generally originates from selfishness, envy and ignorance. Another kind of prejudice is racial prejudice, when a white man considers a negro inferior. But why are prejudices created? Causes can be different, but I believe that it is often used in order to take advantages by something or even someone. It’s a prejudice that one which is directed against women, or against handicapped people or for political ideas. Some prejudices are hidden and not less important. We saw them when we go to the restaurant, or in some shops, at school and everywhere. However, the fact remains that prejudice is often used in order to take advantages. In this way most of the barriers we know have been created: between whites and back, between the rich and the poor, between nobility and the humble, men and women, the beautiful and the ugly. In the long run, prejudice leads to fights, to war and to death. Many of these things could be avoided if everybody would re-examine his point of view and modify them.

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Martina Bottini


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