An interview with Domenico Quaceci

From the interview with the young musician Domenico Quaceci, who talked to our class, it emerged that having grown up between classical and rock music, he has always loved and still loves these two genres, even if today he is famous with his classical compositions.His compositions can arise from anything such as a thought, a feeling that he wants to convey or a dedication. He feels the same sensations that he puts in that song.

As every musician, he has drawn inspiration from great masters like Mozart but also by other more modern musicians like Coldplay and Cesare Cremonini. Domenico started playing in a group but preferred to continue as a soloist to be more free to express himself. For Quaceci, music is not a refuge but its reality, his world from which he does not want to detach himself. He chose the piano simply because he sees it as a suitable instrument for him and allows him to create different types of compositions. He believes that each piece of his music represents a small part of himself and that there is not one that represents him in particular.

He would very much like to write for Cesare Cremonini whom he greatly admires. He is already working on a new album, which we obviously can’t wait to hear. He believes that each of his songs represents a small part of himself and that there is not one that represents him in particular. His passion for him has opened up new perspectives for him, in fact he is currently in contact with record companies.

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Giorgia De Vittoria


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