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today we are going to interview an extraordinary woman: Florence Nightingale. We surely do not know this great woman, but her contribution to medicine was really high and important.

Interwever: Good morning, Mrs Nightingale, and nice to meet you. Today we want to come back to 1820s and we want to know something about your life and career. Can you tell us something about the beginning of your activity?

Mrs Nightingale: Well, thanks for the interview. Today I have the possibility to talk about me and my career. Not many people know me! I was born in Florence in 1820 and I died in London in 1910. I was the founder of modern nursing and I was the first woman to apply the scientific method through the use of statistics. It was not easy, especially in a world dominated by men!

Interwever:  Many people say that you were called “the lady with the lantern”. Can you explain the origin of this nickname?

Mrs Nightingale: Of course. Despite the doctors, I was used to cure my patients, above all soldiers, even at night with a little lamp in my hands. I know that they were alone and they needed to be cured. Medicines were scarse, hygiene neglected, infections  were very common and often fatal.

Interwever: I know that 1858 was an important date for you. Why?

Mrs Nightingale: Yes, it was. I was elected the first female member of the Royal Statistical Society. I obtained statistics on birth rates, mortality rates and the causes of deaths. It was a important conquest for umanity.

Interwever: Today we are fighting against a terrible virus. It is called Covid-19. A lot of people are still dying. Doctors and nurses are helping us in this battle. Their job in our Hospitals is really important. Do you want to tell them something?

Mrs Nightingale: Yes, I do. I was seriously convinced that religiosity, love, organizational rigidity, environmental care and dedication must be at the base of a nurse’s job. They were at the base of my job as a nurse. Let’s try to encourage them in every moment of their activity. It’s not easy to save lives, but love has surely an important role. Every day our patients need a word of comfort; they need to be helped and encouraged to go on. A nurse, female or male, must be a mother and a sister.

Interwever: More than 200 years have passed since your birth, but your thoughts are still actual.  Do you want to tell our nurses something again?

Mrs Nightingale: “The nursing profession is, more than anyone else, a progressive call. Year after year, nurses must learn new and better methods as medicine, surgery and hygiene improve. Year after year, nurses are called upon to do more and better than they have done in the past “. You will be able to defeat Covid-19. Remember:“We value our training not because it makes us smarter or superior to others, but because it makes us more useful and available with our fellowmen, with the sick who the more they need our help”.

Intervewer: Thank you, Mrs Nightingale. My eyes are full of tears, but now I know that thanks to our doctors and nurses we will be able to win our battle..

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