Good morning, friends. Today is an important birthday. It’s Dante’s birthday. We want to make him some questions and have a look on his life and career.

Interviewer: Good morning, Mr Dante Alighieri and thanks for this interview. I know that today is your birthday. You are 700 years old! and I know that a lot of parties are waiting for you all over the world. You are an extraordinary character, but how can we define you?

Dante Alighieri: Thank you very much for this interview. I am a poet, a man of letters, a politician, a scholar of philosophy and theology. I studied a lot before becoming a so important person!

Interviewer: You are considered “the father of the Italian language”. Can you explain it better?

Dante Alighieri: Of course. My artistic career ranged from poetic production to political treaties and linguistic literary.

Interviewer: Some people and men of culture believe that your works are the result of a strong imagination, aren’t they?

Dante Alighieri: No, they aren’t. They are strictly linked to some happy and sad events of my life, such as the meeting and the premature death of my lovely Beatrice, the political misfortune of my exile from Florence and the expectation of my political and social renewal. They are real events and they have surely influenced my literary production.

Interviewer: I think that you are “a universal author” because you did not speak only to your own generation but to the whole of humanity . Students have read your books from centuries and , even if they are sometimes difficult to under stand, they are great in their inner meanings. Can you tell me something about your” Comedy”?

Dante Alighieri: What do you want to know? I can say that it is my masterpiece, but nobody knows that while writing it, I wanted to teach humanity how it is possible to fall into temptation and get up again. It is a journey through  Hell,  Purgatory and  Paradise.

Interviewer: Virgilio was your guide, isn’t he?

Dante Alighieri: Virgilio was my best friend. We had  a strong friendship. That journey represented my real purification in body and spirit and a journey of purification for Umanity. I know that people is today responsible of terrible episodes of violence. There are fathers who kill their children, youngs who kill their fathers and mothers, people who use violence against women, people who hate the other people, corruption, discrimination, segregation. It’s terrible! That’s the reason why my Comedy is still real. Reading my Comedy they’ll  learn the consequences of bad actions; they we’ll learn how terrible can be the God Justice; they’ll see men and women crying and begging for divine forgiveness; they will read how love can bring a man and a woman to desperation, until the spitual elevation to God. I want to transport the whole umanity from the state of misery to that of happiness.

Interviewer: Do you want to tell something to our  students?

Dante Alighieri: Yes, I do. I want to tell them that it is important to follow their own dreams, but always following the right way. I want to tell them not to follow temptations, nor bad examples, but they  must be honest and pure in their hearts. Good actions guide us towards happiness and redemption

Interviewer: Happy birthday and thanks a lot for  your words.

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