Napoleon Bonaparte: small body, great politician

When you think your short stature is something that prevents you from becoming an important person, then you don’t know Napoleon Bonaparte.

I was in a mall, a simple mall. I was having a snack at the bar, when he appeared: Napoleon Eugene Louis John Joseph Bonaparte (every parent puts to their child the name he wants, right?). I was impressed, but instead of reacting inappropriately, I decided to ask him a few questions (it certainly does not happen every day to be in front of a historical character):

Good morning, I feel so excited to meet you! may I ask you some questions?

Yes, sure.

Have you always wanted to be a politician?                                                                                             

Not really. At first, I wasn’t happy while attending a boarding school where everyone was of a different nationality.

I understand. Have you always felt like that? 

No, uhm… Excuse me, what’s your name again?


Ah okay. I said, I didn’t always have that feeling, because then I realized that different doesn’t mean worse.

Well said! I know you’ve become a great military man, as well as king and emperor, but would you have wanted to become something else?

In addition to military life, I wanted to dedicate myself more to the family: to my children and my 2 wives.

Okay. Thank you for your time. Now I’m sorry, but I have a croissant waiting for me

The pleasure was mine.



Di Mauro Fabio


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