Ursula Corbero, actress known both in Spain and in Italy. Born in 1989, the actress achieved success playing small television roles since the early 2000s. Later she was chosen as the protagonist of the series “Physics or chemistry”, which was also broadcast in Italy in 2010 on the Rai 4 channel. In Spain she also starred in several films that appeared on the big screen, from “Paranormal Xperience 3D”, a successful horror, to a historical drama. The role of Tokyo has given her international fame, but above all a place in the cast of “Snatch” the series based on the famous film.

This would be our imaginary interview with Ursula:

Journalist: Good evening Ursula, welcome!
Ursula: Good evening.
Journalist: let’s start with the questions.
Ursula: Ok.
Journalist: what is your full name?
Ursula: it’s Ursula Corbero Delgrade.

Journalist: how did you manage to enter the world of cinema?
Ursula: I started acting in commercials when I was 6 years old.
Journalist: what was your first film?

Ursula: My first film was Physics or Chemistry.
Journalist: are you engaged or married?
Ursula: I am currently engaged to Chino Darín.
Journalist: we know you shot several video clips, tell us about it.
Ursula: My last video was “Un Dia” with J Balvin and Dua Lipa .

Journalist: we know you are attached to Italy. Why?

Ursula: because here I shot another successful fiction: “La dama velata”, with Miriam Leone and Lino Guanciale.
Journalist:  what is your relationship with Eleonora Reti, your Italian voice actress?
Ursula: I have a good relationship with Eleonora Reti.

Journalist: last question: what’s your dream?

Ursula: I’d like to get marry with my loved Chino as soon as possible!

Journalist: let’s hope so! Thank you Ursula, we’ll follow your series and congratulations!

Ursula: you’re welcome, bye!

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